A fine line between style and travel.

Theres no place like home?

So, I know its not a post about America yet… but here is a Post! (And this is where you cheer).

So I’ve now been home just over two weeks and everybody is asking “So has the reality set in?” Yes, of course it has! I was back at work a few days later, and life continued. After a weeks work- always full of drama and challenges, I helped on a photo shoot that weekend. It did take two weeks for a full slump to hit. I spent the entire last weekend parked on my couch, sobbing in front of Pride and Prejudice.

But as my favourite phrase goes “there’s no rest for the wicked.” Perth Fashion festival starts tomorrow and I have a full schedule of shows and events fit around my work hours.  Its my royal show. My week of fun, and show bags and carnival shows. Like an excited 8 year old, my every waking thought is “what do I wear?  What shoes, watch, necklace?”  Hopefully the excitement of the festivities can pull me back out of my post-holiday rutt.

I have also entered a number of competitions, one at Vix clothing which required me to open up my handbag and bare its contents to the world. I figured this would make an interesting post, so here is my handbag:

My handbag (A Vera Bradley, bought on my recent holiday) contains (L/R): My Sony Touch Ereader; My planner so I can keep track of things, Two tickets to Disneyworld from my recent holiday; My sunnies- Oroton prescription lenses; My wallet, alas empty of money but full of coffee cards, business cards and receipts; Deodorant, moisturiser and tissues; Lipgloss (Vanilla cinnamon yum); a mirror; a pen, to write in my planner; Lipliner I bought today; Tic Tacs with french packaging also from my recent trip; A bangle because I am never without my Arm-our; An umbrella-ella-ella because it is raining; Miscellaneous receipts, a dead battery, and my Mickey handbag holder (yep Disneyworld); Keys for Work and Home; and finally a soupspoon, because I had soup for lunch.

You can vote for me (because I want a free dress) Here

Whats in your handbag?


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