A fine line between style and travel.

Back home and the social calender begins.

20 hours of flight and transit later, D and I are home in our apartment and I had my first day of work today. Back to reality.

Of course, anyone who actually knew our travel plans can see I am about 2 months behind on blogging. Oops. So watch this space because I will be continuing. Its mainly stubbornness, I want to finish what I started. Then I have some fantastic ideas for the blog after, plus some write ups for the upcoming Perth Fashion Festival (have you got tickets?).

Image by Harley, taken from The Black Dog Project

But today I am writing about something else. Two days after coming home, I was invited by my BFF Nic who works in the mental health industry to go to the Bridges Inspiration evening. As this week is the Nation Eating Disorders Awareness Week, Bridges, an eating disorder association, held a mini expo at Princess Margaret Hospital. Several past sufferers stepped up and shared their experiences- the disease and the journey to recovery. A father spoke about his families ‘eating disorder education’ and co-ordinators of different groups (such as the Body Esteem Program from Womens Health Works) shared information and their programs. The night was inspiring.

There was a raffle (alas, my 4 tickets won me zip. I am so unlucky!), nibblies and coffee, freebies from the Body Shop and free glittered boxes to remind us ‘every day is a gift to cherish’.

As someone who works in close association with the fashion industry, and knows of people who have and still struggle with disorders I wanted to share the work these beautiful girls have done. Thank you for your hard work, courage and and strength in supporting those who need it.

Taken from The Black Dog Project

A particular standout for me on the evening was Janine of The Black Dog Project. She shares hand drawn figures and encourages people in the community to share, write, draw, film etc to reach out during tough times in their lives. Its a ‘Community Webspace’ and Janine hopes people will come, collect and connect with the art and music. I loved her creativity and her willingness to share. Her Army of Ink, paper obsession and free Clunk and Jam notes were refreshing. So I felt I should share her page, and give her some blog love here. Thank you Janine.

I hope any readers struggling with EDs, or simply going through a rough time and feeling a bit blue can find some help on this page. There is no shame in reaching out.

Au Revoir


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