A fine line between style and travel.

Kim Boekbinder answers my questions.

In response to my last Blog about her upcoming tour, Kim personally answered three questions in this exclusive interview!

As someone who spends a fair amount of time traveling(not time-traveling, but time on the road… although that would be really cool if you were from the future), what is your fail safe, wake-up-sparkly-and-pink advice to us less seasoned travelers?

Time alone is golden! Sometimes it is hard to carve out space for yourself on the road. But I’ve found that many of the hardships, crankiness, and exhaustion can be overcome by even just five minutes of time without having to answer to anyone else. 

You should also leave sequins everywhere you go!

Besides performing the actual show (which rocked BTW), what was your favourite part of the New York Kickstarter project? Was it making those paper flowers that I wish I had room in my luggage for?

My favorite part of the project was the MASSIVE response to it. I had people all over the planet calling me a genius and thanking me for thinking of it. It excites me to no end to see that the world is ready for this. It is hard to sell shows when you are not super famous. I can’t wait to see what comes out of this. Websites pre-selling tickets, musicians being able to tour without losing a lot of money (and hope.)

Are you going to try to come back to Australia and perform any time soon? Because that would be really cool!

Oh yes! I will be announcing one single September show in Melbourne very soon. You are the first to know! How’s that for a blog exclusive!

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