A fine line between style and travel.

Adventures in Campania- Photos.

In Positano, looking out from where we had lunch.

Salerno and Castello di Arechi.

Gorgeous fountains are scattered around Salerno with very fresh drinking water.

The view from Castle Arechi- Salerno city.

Castle Arechi.

The Amalfi Coast

Another pretty fountain in Amalfi.

The Duome of Amalfi

The Crypt of St Andrew

Positano from the Ferry.

The view from our lunch table. We had homemade gnocchi with seafood. Yum.

The pebble beach, crowded with mostly American tourists. Thats a Medieval tower, now some ones house.


The Duome of Pompeii

The view from the Bell tower. You can see the ruins in the back- they're huge.

For my American friends, Pompeii lost 12 people to the 9-11 attacks, they had this piece of the twin towers shipped in and erected to remember.


Pompeii residents. Behind glass, sleeping.

A street of the ruined city.


The place is massive.


Pillars in the Forum.

The Temple of Jupiter

More Pillars

Temple of Apollo

The Basilica


Man, I am more than two weeks behind. So slack! I promise to write up Rome and edit those photos on the plane tomorrow (to the US) then all that will be left to catch up on is Paris.







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