A fine line between style and travel.


I know I only updated yesterday, but heres a quick update telling you all that I arrived in sicily safe and sound. Tired, stinky and a little frazzled, but in one piece.

Unfortunately I failed to arrive in Malta. D and I asked several Italians how to find the bus to Pozzallo, and got pointed in a number of directions. None of these found us the bus. We then retreated to Hotel Catania Centro, where the friendly concierge upgraded D’s room without hesitation. Molto grato!

Catania is beautiful in a broken way. Everywhere you look, gorgeous old buildings have been desecrated with Graffiti, abandoned and burnt. I know a photographer who would adore the many photos this city offers. I look forward to exploring it later this evening (After Siesta!), without my luggage, camera in hand, and no threat of a missed Ferry ride to stop me from taking in its beauty.

Watch this post for photos.



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