A fine line between style and travel.


I know I only updated yesterday, but heres a quick update telling you all that I arrived in sicily safe and sound. Tired, stinky and a little frazzled, but in one piece.

Unfortunately I failed to arrive in Malta. D and I asked several Italians how to find the bus to Pozzallo, and got pointed in a number of directions. None of these found us the bus. We then retreated to Hotel Catania Centro, where the friendly concierge upgraded D’s room without hesitation. Molto¬†grato!

Catania is beautiful in a broken way. Everywhere you look, gorgeous old buildings have been desecrated with Graffiti, abandoned and burnt. I know a photographer who would adore the many photos this city offers. I look forward to exploring it later this evening (After Siesta!), without my luggage, camera in hand, and no threat of a missed Ferry ride to stop me from taking in its beauty.

Watch this post for photos.


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