A fine line between style and travel.

Two hours.

Two hours until the lovely J* arrives to take us to the airport. Last minute checks.

  1. Packed? Check.
  2. All sharps in main suitcase, not hand luggage? Check
  3. Passports, money, ID and all those important things? Check.
  4. Travel insurance organised? Check.
  5. Power boards, power adaptors, and all necessary power cables? Mostly, still need to pack my laptop (obviously)
  6. Spare key to a friend? Check.
  7. Mail rerouted to my sister, and an email sent explaining what to open? Check!
  8. Real estate agent informed? Check.
  9. Bathroom cleaned? Check.
  10. Bed made? Check
  11. Rubbish out? Check.
  12. Oven off? No, we’re cooking Nachos for lunch!
  13. Vacuumed? Not check. Yet.

D* and I are in a slight panic mode. What if we’ve forgotten something fundamentally important? I suppose there is not much we can do now. Except vacuum.



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