A fine line between style and travel.

Organised spending.

One of the major jobs on my to-do list is to sort all my receipts for the year. I have been organised all financial year and have been keeping  them in a shoe box.  Well- most receipts. Some still fell victim to the bottom of my handbags.

Now came the mammoth task of  sorting and documenting each purchase. To reward myself for the organization and motivate  myself for the long tedious job ahead bought a receipt file from Kikki K – stationary makes me happy.

With three days to go before fly-out, I sat on my floor, spread my receipts in front of me and started making piles. Business vs. personal, month by month.  I spent to much this year, eek! What will my accountant think!

Dividing between my personal and professional purchases may seem simple- but what about that cardigan I bought for a shoot, and now wear myself? A dress I bought for a client who went in a different direction?

I also rediscovered personal purchases I forgot about. Like the $80 dress I bought on sale that’s just a little low cut on the side. I have never worn it. That’s $80 I could spend in France! Fashion tells us that side-boob is the new cleavage, but I don’t want to show both. (Celebrities rocking Side-cleavage)

One more job ticked off. Huzzah! Now to forward this to my accountant and see how much he can claim for me. A nice tax return to boost my spending money is just what I need.



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