A fine line between style and travel.

One week.

One week. Seven days. One hundred and sixty eight hours.

Jeez, I have so much work to do. Everyone asks if I am excited, but I’m terrified- what if I don’t get it all done?

My apartment is a mess- something I must remedy before Saturday night when the friends come around for drinks.

Most of the accommodation still isn’t booked.

I need to send an email and excel file to my accountant.

I haven’t started packing!

I feel so unorganized.

So this is me, getting started. I’m Elizabeth, 23 and about to embark on a three month trip to the Mediterranean, Europe and USA.  My partner D* is attending conferences and presenting his work to numerous people, which is dictating our journey. Don’t ask me what he does, because every time he tries to tell me, I go misty eyed and blank. I’m smart but he is a genius, therefore he makes me look like Penny next to Leonard in the Big Bang Theory. But we compliment each other, or at least I hope we do after almost 5 years together.

I manage a clothing shop during the day, and moonlight as a fashion stylist on days off. I am always busy. But I love, live, breathe and eat fashion and style.  Despite working in a clothes store,  I am always shopping on my down-time. Meandering aimlessly through boutiques fingering and trying on beautiful objects calm me.  Its my Zen zone. So this trip is all about shopping for me!

And art. And Culture. Food. Theater. Disneyworld (YES!). Friends and Family.

But first, to survive the week of preparation.



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